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Our Technical SEO Experts in El Cajon Give a Solid Technical Foundation to your Website and Dominate Search Engine Results

Technical SEO goes beyond ranking your Website on Search Engines. 
The core foundation of Technical SEO is still a technically sound, easy to navigate and fast loading website. 

This becomes even more important when you run paid Ads campaigns as some of these factors can also influence the conversion on your PPC campaigns. So Technical SEO Optimization in El Cajon helps your website in almost all your Digital Marketing activities. 

What is Technical SEO Important for your Business Website ?
Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website to ensure that it is compatible with the latest Search Engine Guidelines. 
Keeping your Website up to the Search Engine Standards ensures that your Website can be crawled ( read by Google ) and indexed ( recorded in the search engine database ) easily. 

At Build Web IT, Our technical SEO audit in El Cajon assesses your website’s current SEO standards and we discover the aspects that need improvement for a easy to navigate, fast loading and search engine friendly online experience.


Common Technical SEO problems that we help you solve : 

Website Page Load Speed Optimization in El Cajon

As per Google the ideal Page Load Time should be under 2 seconds on mobile.

For every additional second that your page takes to load, the bounce rate on your website increases and you end up losing valuable sales and leads thus costing your business. 

At Build Web IT, we help you improve your website performance with the goal of maximizing the returns from your Website Traffic by generating more sales and capture high-quality leads from your Website.


Fix Website Crawling and Indexing issues
Our Technical SEO Experts in El Cajon help you detect and resolve many critical SEO issues. 
One common issue is that Google is unable to find pages of your website and list them. 
Often we find that businesses are not even aware of such an issue ! 
Their websites have been online since years and important pages have been missing from Search Engine Results. 

Some of the techniques we use to resolve such issues is by fixing the coding of your website to ensure that the sitemap, internal linking and the site navigation is spot on. This type of Optimization also ensures that your Website Visitors along with Search Engines are able to find the important pages on your website. 


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